Edu-Wize offers services that are registered for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme


In a recent survey, it was found that on average, corporate companies were taking between two and six months to fill external vacancies. In some cases, the process takes up to 9 months +. This is far too long!

It's a given that candidates need to have the necessary experience, qualifications and skills to secure themselves a job. From there, it is the responsibility of the business to ensure all internal stakeholders involved are adequately trained and on board with the recruitment and selection process.

This means that line management should make themselves available, be well briefed and trained to ensure the process flows smoothly. We can assist with process mapping the recruitment process with time lines and responsibilities incorporated into each step of the process. Not only will this ensure efficient and speedy decision making to secure the best candidate for the job but it also take away the uncertainty that typically and unnecessarily stress the team out.

We understand every business is different and has different needs. Edu-Wize ’s consultative approach takes into account your business requirements, the organisational culture and team fit to ensure successful placement of candidates.

Option 1: We Train You To Be A Recruiting Machine

We offer a comprehensive training programme aimed at first line managers. Upon completion, managers will be equipped with best practices to select the perfect candidate and they will be aware of the many pitfalls of poor recruitment practices. The programme includes the full spectrum of the recruitment process as outlined below.

Option 2: We Recruit On Your Behalf

We can also manage the full process on your behalf. You let us know when a position becomes vacant, we will consult with you to determine your exact requirements and we will manage the process from there.

  • Obtain a clear understanding of the inherent requirements of the job
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the cultural environment
  • Review the job description and person specification
  • Draft a compelling job advertisement
  • Shortlisting
  • Consider the applicant’s skill, personality and team orientation
  • Robust qualifications and references checking
  • Psychometric testing where required
  • Process map the interview process
  • Draft structured Interviewing questionnaire and agree appropriate interviewing techniques
  • Train the interview panel
  • Draft a personal development plan for the successful candidate
  • Draft an induction plan

We told you we are different so here it is…. we charge a set fee to recruit, no %’s