Edu-Wize offers services that are registered for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme


Studies have shown that approximately 75% of business transformation efforts fail and consequently do not sustain themselves over the longer term. Edu-Wize focuses on the development of critical organisational enablers which aims at transforming the organisation's culture, resulting in a more effective and sustainable change effort. The following key elements is ingrained in everything we do:

  • Encouraging Transformational Leadership
  • Establishing an Adaptive Change Culture
  • Implementing the Continuous Improvement Philosophy

The Edu-Wize team has combined experience across most industries. We offer a diverse range of skills and services and if we don't have the answers to solve your problems ourselves, we will recommend a specialist professional from our own network.

Our team is committed to delivering a sustainable result and we propose to work with you in the following way

Phase one of the processes commences with a business needs analysis with input provided by your leadership team. People are behind every process and the analysis will focus on identifying the various factors which impact on employee performance. Taking this into account, the skills development in your business will be aligned with your organisational goals. At the end of the assessment, we will together prioritise your identified needs and we will outline the return on investment of your anticipated spend and the results you are likely to see.

Phase two will depend on the needs identified in phase one. To give you an idea, if it is training and development related we will commence with the development of comprehensive skills and training matrix for the organisation which incorporates the findings from phase one.

We told you we are different so here it is…. we charge a set fee depending on the service you require, no $’s by the hour!